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titolo: The 3rd Simone Assemani Symposium on Islamic Coins

autori: Callegher, Bruno - D’Ottone, Arianna (Edited by)

dati: Trieste : EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste , 2012. - p. 357 ; 24 cm ; ill.

ISBN 9788883034596

anno 2012


prezzo: € 25,00



The 3rd Assemani Symposium was dedicated to the transitional period of Islamic coinage, aiming at putting in context the Umayyad numismatic materials. The bulk of the papers published in these Proceedings is therefore focused on this theme, but the contributions also take into account Arab-Sasanian and Arab-Byzantine issues, as well as early Umayyad coins from various regions of the Dār al-Islām (Transoxiana, Sogdiana, Libya,…). Other papers throw light on different periods and objects of Numismatic interest (seals, glass stamps, history of collecting), as the vocation of this Symposium is to be the occasion of a wide-range scientific exchange on Arabic and Islamic Numismatics.

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