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titolo: Rendiconti dell’Istituto di matematica dell’Università di Trieste. An International Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 49 (2017)

autori: Università degli Studi di Trieste, Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze

dati: Trieste : EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste , 2017. - 382 p. ; 24 cm

ISSN 00494704

anno 2017


prezzo: € 50,00



Contents: 1. Foreword – 5. PAVEL DR´ABEK AND ALOIS KUFNER, Hardy inequality, compact embeddings and properties of certain eigenvalue problems. - 19. PEDRO J. TORRES, The prescribed mean curvature problem with Neumann boundary conditions in FLRW spacetimes. – 27. KLAUS SCHMITT, On the existence of nontrivial solutions of differential equations subject to linear constraints. – 41. LUIGI ORSINA AND AUGUSTO C. PONCE, Flat solutions of the 1-Laplacian equation. – 53. MÓNICA CLAPP AND MATTEO RIZZI, Positive and nodal single-layered solutions to supercritical elliptic problems above the higher critical exponents. - 73. PIERLUIGI BENEVIERI, ALESSANDRO CALAMAI, MASSIMO FURI AND MARIA PATRIZIA PERA, On general properties of n-th order retarded functional differential equations. - 95. TIBOR KRISZTIN AND HANS-OTTO WALTHER, Smoothness issues in differential equations with state-dependent delay. – 113. AUGUSTO C. PONCE AND JEAN VAN SCHAFTINGEN, Gauge-measurable functions. – 137. IVAR EKELAND, Hamilton-Jacobi on the symplectic group. – 147. ZUZANA DOˇSL´A, MAURO MARINI AND SERENA MATUCCI, Positive decaying solutions to BVPs with mean curvature. – 165. NSOKI MAVINGA AND MUBENGA N. NKASHAMA, Bifurcation from infinity and multiplicity of solutions for nonlinear periodic boundary value problems. – 193. BRYAN P. RYNNE, Global stability, or instability, of positive equilibria of p-Laplacian boundary value problems with p-convex nonlinearities. – 207. FRANCISCO CAICEDO, ALFONSO CASTRO, RODRIGO DUQUE AND ARTURO SANJUÁN, The semilinear wave equation with non-monotone nonlinearity: a review. – 215. MATTEO FRANCA AND RUSSELL JOHNSON, Remarks on nonautonomous bifurcation theory. – 245. DANIELA GURBAN AND PETRU JEBELEAN, Positive radial solutions for systems with mean curvature operator in Minkowski space. 265. ALESSANDRO MARGHERI, RAFAEL ORTEGA AND CARLOTA REBELO, On a family of Kepler problems with linear dissipation. – 287. INMACULADA ANTÓN AND JULIÁN L´OPEZ-GÓMEZ, Principal eigenvalues of weighted periodic-parabolic problems. – 319. GABRIELE BONANNO, Dirichlet problems without asymptotic conditions on the nonlinear term. – 335. ELISA SOVRANO AND FABIO ZANOLIN, A periodic problem for first order differential equations with locally coercive nonlinearities. – 357. FORTUNÉ MASSAMBA AND PATRICE P. NTUMBA, On sheaves of differential operators.

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